Beautiful Black Honed Granite: Tips and Tricks to keep it Flawless

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If you think that being black is beautiful then you should absolutely get black honed granite for you kitchen countertop. I know many people are complaining about his product but actually with proper maintenance you can get it right. My neighbor have this beautiful warm natural look granite for all his entire kitchen countertop and washbasin counter top and it still looking great in many years.

What to Notice before Buying Black Honed Granite

If you are new to granite and consider to purchase it for your home there are some things that should be bear in mind. Remember that since absolute black granite is quite popular a counter top there are a lot of similar products on the market. Make sure that your black honed granite is not doctored slab or imitation stone by using simple lemon juice test. If the stone with lemon juice droplets are darken on the surface soon, it means you should not buy. But if you see that the gorgeous black honed granite darken for 30 minutes or more it means it has a very good quality.

Elegant Modern Minimalist Kitchen Countertops Adopted Black Honed Grantite

How to Maintenance Black Honed Granite

Not many know but actual black honed granite will actually show in grey color. Of course there are many people still thinking that the stone is really supposed to be black. Despite of what the color should be, there is something you should be considered while trying to cleaning it up. Since you will use it for the kitchen counter top like in these photos, it is highly recommended that you will clean up the counter immediately as soon as you see any spills. But for daily maintenance, clean it with warm water and dry it with microfiber cloth in circular motion will be enough.

Of course there is also granite cleaner on the market if you find it hard to clean it with easy way. But there are ways to keep your granite from stain or etch. Always use cutting board while preparing your food ingredient and place table mates before you place any tableware on it to avoid scratching. Although it seems tricky but having the proper maintenance on your gorgeous black honed granite kitchen will make it look elegant and sophisticated just like in these photos below.

11 Photos of the Beautiful Black Honed Granite: Tips and Tricks to keep it Flawless

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