Creative and Unique Shower Design Combined Water and Light

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The existence of the bathroom in a house is very important and to make it more comfortable, there are many people like to have a kind of Unique Shower Design in their bathroom. It can’t be avoided that the usage of the unique shower will be able to change the atmosphere of the bathroom. It is like what I have experienced when I was in my sister’s house.

Unique Shower Design in Modern Bathroom

In her house, there is one thing that is very interesting. That is in her bathroom. That is the shower. I was really sure that there have not been many people yet who have that kind of shower in their home. It is because the Unique Bathroom Shower Designs is very unique and creative. I was really sure that nobody knows or realizes that it is a shower. It is because the design of that shower is like a lampshade. That is really unique.

Fabulous Axor Waterdream Installation Alternative Bathroom Design Ideas

Like what you see in the pictures, the shower in that bathroom is also equipped with the lamp. That lamp is positioned in the center of the shower itself. That is really unique shower that I have ever seen. In her bathroom, there are several showers in such form. They are very unique and interesting. I thought the designer of that shower combines two different things that are very unreasonable to be combined.

Designer of Unique Shower Design

That is the combination of the electrical stuff with the water. I was really curious about that shower design. I asked my sister to explain about it. Finally, my sister told me that the name of that unique shower is the Axor WaterDream. My sister also told me that the designer of that unique is Nendo. Therefore, it is undoubtedly anymore that that shower is very unique and interesting. That shower also has Unique Shower Head Designs as well.

7 Photos of the Creative and Unique Shower Design Combined Water and Light

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