Excellent Closet Drawers Design in Modern Flair for Chic Room

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I get an invitation from my best friend who wants to hold party at her house. She asks me to come to her house earlier. I find colorful decoration which adorns this house. Any living spaces here are embellished with glamorous furniture and ornaments. She shows me a special gift from his boyfriend, thus she takes me into her bedroom. Apparently, there is glamorous furniture applied in this bedroom. It is huge closet which is decorated with mirror. I appreciate Closet Drawers Design which brings out glamorous taste and sparkling view.

Glossy Closet Drawers Design

Mirror adhered on this huge closet functions to reflect lighting effect in this bedroom. With mirror reflection, this room will seem so bright and wider because of wide visualization derived from mirror reflection. Contemporary Closet Drawers Design is polished with white color to increase bright visualization. On this white closet there are some clothes stored inside neatly. This white closet is divided into some shelves in different sizes. Largest shelf is utilized to store clothes with hangers. White drawers on this closet can be used to store additional accessories.

Modern Closet Drawers Design Fur Clothes Silky Dress

Brilliant Ideas to Create Closet Drawers Design

She also puts rustic wood closet drawers which represents natural touch. These drawers are crafted without high gloss finish. Metallic handles are supplied on these wooden drawers. Surface of wood closet drawers is layered with sleek dark marble. It is brilliant combination which uses marble and rustic wood to form innovative furniture. Inside of wooden drawers, I see unique designs of drawers which are polished in dark color. Inside of drawers are equipped with small canisters to store small accessories.

However, I prefer white closet furnishing her bedroom. This closet is equipped with white French doors, so I can see clothes inside of closet clearly. Some rattan boxes are placed in this huge white closet. Wood railing where hangers are set matches with natural rattan boxes existing here. I find elegant contemporary Closet Drawers Design which is crafted of wood with high gloss finish. These drawers are polished in white color. Precious accessories are stored nicely on this contemporary drawer.

14 Photos of the Excellent Closet Drawers Design in Modern Flair for Chic Room

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