Extravagant Modern Home Transformation as Recommended Design

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Decorating home itself is complicated task as it is. It is no exception for renovating home, because it is harder on most cases. Have you ever tried to give renovation to public place and turned it into a lovely home? It already sounds challenging yet not impossible to do. Remember that home is used for its utility and pleasure for people who live in. Furthermore, if people want modern home design it is kind of tough to transform the old building into new one.

Maintaining the first model as the main structure is good thing to do. Because then you can redesign everything else and not too focused about outside house. Next, modern home renovation is continued to concern about the space the old building had left. If it is wide one, it is recommended to use open floor strategy and build living room, kitchen and also dining room in that one large space. Large bookshelves also can be completion for living room, or it can serve as backdrop in dining room. Match all colors in this one space with the design theme you want.

Interiors Of Library Renovated Into House

Next is design for bedrooms, whether it is bedroom for owner or even for guests. Designing bedrooms also mean to design the bathrooms as well. Extensive rebuilding also needs to be done if you want your home to be more modern. For example, you can build and add separated sauna room, and exercise room as well. Or, build laundry room inside your basement.

For designing bedrooms, you can give more extravagant yet minimalism touches by making white color as the main theme of this gorgeous modern home. Build large window that stands from floor-to-ceiling with access to balcony. Add beautiful draperies to that window, and complete your comfortable bedroom with full-color rugs. Just white color is lacking, add patterned bed cover for final touch to bedding design.

10 Photos of the Extravagant Modern Home Transformation as Recommended Design

Stylish Lighting Fixtures In The BedroomPortland Library House With Home Work StationModern Fireplace Keeps The Library House WarmModern Bedroom In White1Living Room With Arco Floor LampLibrary House Makes Use Of Vertical SpaceLarge Dining Space In The Renovated HomeInteriors Of Library Renovated Into HouseEntranceway To The Library HouseBathroom In The Library House

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