What are Factory Built Homes?

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Factory built homes are nothing but prefab homes that are made part by part in a factory and then transported to the plot where they are all assembled together. These houses are easy to build and save a lot of time and energy. The designs of these houses are usually generic as they are literally bought readymade from a factory! If you want to know more about the factory built houses, take a look at this article and discover the advantages and disadvantages of the factory made homes.

The many advantages of factory built homes

  • Very easy to assemble – One of the biggest advantages of the factory built homes is that they are easy to put together. This is because the prefab home kit literally consists of the roof, the walls, the pillars, the staircase, etc. All you have to do is follow the instruction manual and put the pieces together. You can do the job yourself or you can hire some professional construction workers. At times, the manufacturer of the factory built house sends the workers voluntarily to put the house together. So either ways, it is very easy to assemble a house that has been prefabricated in a factory.
  • No fuss, no mess – When you decide to have a factory made home, you do not have to go through the hassles of buying the materials such a brick and sand, you do not have to get messy mixing the concrete and you do not have to toil in the sun fixing the bricks with the cement! All this is already done and you can just put them all together.
  • Saves a lot of time – A house that has practically been completed in a factory simple needs to be assembled at the plot. So you end up with a lot of saved time. If the majority of the work had to be done at the spot, it would need a lot more time and energy as well.
  • Generic – You cannot be very creative with a factory made house plan. Since you are buying the home readymade, you have to be satisfied with the way in which the house has been designed. You cannot change the height of the ceiling or the width of the front door. This is often considered to be a disadvantage of a house that has been built in a factory.
  • Expensive – Even though a prefab house saves your time and energy, you may at times end up paying extra money for such a home. When you build a house yourself or get it custom made, you have a lot of freedom and can influence the overall cost of the house as well. For example, if you see the costs are exceeding your budget, you can opt for a wooden floor instead of a marble floor. Such a thing cannot be done in a factory house. So you have to stick to what has been offered by the manufacturer, even if you do not need it.

The disadvantages of factory built homes

So now that you know the advantages and the disadvantages of a factory made house, go ahead and be your own judge. See if such a house would suite your requirements. If you feel the house would not be perfect for you, go ahead and look at other house plans and then build your very own home. If you feel it would be good, then you can place an order directly from a manufacturer’s website. The factory built homes are a boon in today’s day and age and you must surely check them out.

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