Fantastic Homey Apartment Design Offers Peaceful Beach Scenery

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Nowadays, there are many people prefer staying at apartment than common house. Generally, apartment is built in strategic location that enables you reach public facilities easily. Minimalist and clean design of apartment is another reason influencing people to stay in Homey Apartment Design. Another factor driving people living in apartment is difficulty finding land to build house. You may be astonished looking at tidy apartment design dominated with white color. This apartment is built by adopting open plan house so interior looks wide and bright.

Enjoy beach view from luxurious Homey Apartment Design. This apartment is surrounded by glass wall allowing you to see ocean view freely. White drapes made of silk conceals glass wall. Shiny ceramic floor melds with white painted wall spreading bright visualization. Open plan kitchen and living room are dominated with white furniture. Modern white sofa is equipped with low coffee table made of untreated wood. Floral patterned carpet under low coffee table has soft texture. Artistic painting is adhered on wall. Wall TV setup is adhered on wall to entertain occupants.

Wooden Shelves That Offer Visual Contrast

Sleek kitchen island in white is layered with flashy white countertop. Stainless steel sink and faucet are installed on this kitchen island. White range hood above kitchen island seems so stylish. Large kitchen cabinet made of untreated wood is modified as bookcase. All books and ornaments are stored inside tidily. Unique glass staircase equipped with triangular stair steps helps you to reach upstairs.

Open plan bathroom designed toward ocean view, leads you to see freshening sight while you take a bath. Oval stone bathtub is placed on rustic wood floor. Bowl shaped stone sink and stainless steel faucet are available in this bathroom. Rustic wood bed and flashy white wardrobe can be seen from bathroom because of glass wall partition. Spacious balcony dominated with wood floor is furnished with outdoor beds and sofas crafted of wood frame. You will endure staying at luxurious Homey Apartment Design ideas.

10 Photos of the Fantastic Homey Apartment Design Offers Peaceful Beach Scenery

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