Different Styles of Formal Dining Room Furniture Sets

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When getting the formal dining room furniture sets for your dining space, you have to keep an eye on the other details of the room as well to ensure that the formal look is established. Just by placing some formal dining chairs and tables, you cannot get the correct look. You have to lay emphasis on the lighting design, the color scheme and the upholstery as well. Take a look at this article to know more about the formal dining room furniture sets and how the room should compliment them.

Factors that compliment ideal formal dining room furniture sets

  • Matching chairs and table – If you want to achieve the formal look, you have to have matching chairs and tables. Even though mismatched and funky furniture sets are much in vogue these days, they do not make for a very formal look. As a result, you have to be very particular about the designs and opt for the traditional formal dining room furniture sets that are usually self colored, large in size and match each other.
  • Subdued lighting – You also have to be very careful when you are planning the lighting design of your dining room. If you want a formal look, then you have to stick to monochromatic lights in subdued shades. Do not opt for bright, colorful lights as these lights make for a more contemporary, casual look. Choose for recessed lights, pendant lights and diffused lamp shades as these give a formal look.
  • Color scheme – The color scheme of the room also plays an important role. Much like the lights, the walls also should be painted in uniform shades. White, beige, light yellow and light brown are preferred colors for formal dining rooms. Do not opt for jarring, bright colors or patterns on the wall as that will take away the formal look and feel of the room.
  • Upholstery – The upholstery will also play a role here. Get some flowing curtains in solid colors and tie them in the sides. For the floor, get a soft rug or a classy carpet. The table should definitely have a table cloth, a runner and neatly arranged table mats. These will go a long way in establishing the formal look of the dining room.
  • Round table – If the space is small, you can opt for a round dining table with four chairs around it. Make sure the table is rounded off well and there are no crazy edges. The chairs should be traditional and non-flattering, while being majestic at the same time.
  • Rectangular table – If you have a larger space, you can opt for a rectangular table with sharp edges. Match the chairs to the table by getting long, traditional, wooden chairs. This will give the room a very formal look.
  • Do not mix and match – You must remember not to mix and match your dining room furniture sets at any cost, if you want to get a formal look. Uniformity is very important and so stick to sets and maintain a balance when choosing the dining room furniture.

Styles of formal dining room furniture sets

Keep the points mentioned above in mind when you go shopping for your dining furniture items. Once you get the furniture home, decorate the room in an appropriate manner and you will be able to achieve a great look. The key is to keep it simple, traditional and majestic. Keep the colors and the funky designs for your contemporarily designed room! Just stick to the basics and get the formal dining room furniture sets that will make your dining space look absolutely gorgeous.

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9 Photos of the Different Styles of Formal Dining Room Furniture Sets

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