Green Environmental Home Setting in Modern Era

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The theme of house design is various including environmental home, where the home very unity with main condition around of land. The design for home itself can be seen from the uniqueness of exterior. There is one of example from Greek that can be one of point of view for people who want different theme for their home. The design look tends to modern model. The basic building of that home is unique, where the gradual design of home formed with abstract shape. The main roof seems like abstract trapezoidal. The front of home is a little bit a highways. Then, the very ground floor becomes a garage. The top floor has big space for sundeck area, and also a terrace for seeing sunrise and sunset. Almost all of side consists from unique and different ideas of planning home design. It should need more detail designs and also planning to make it. The result from that planning can be realized into any kinds of good angle and luxury design of main home.

Environmental Home Performance

The performance itself can be seen from outside of home. With that example, the outside performance looked very unique, because of the roof that has special design. Then, there is a space for garage, and also become main entryway to come in home. Environmental home design related to the basic design of condition of land which surrounds that home. With more natural environment around of home, people deliberately design environmental theme for home. They usually combined condition of land and concept of home. The condition around of land still green, so people make a special space near main building of home to become green land inside of home.

Amazing Lookout Modern Environmentally Greek Holiday Home Pool Infinity Outdoor Design

The outside spot also become a main priority for that kind of home. It is because of natural environment which still exist as well in around of home land. There is an outside swimming pool which lies from one side to other side. It has long design of swimming pool. Near of swimming pool is a terrace with a set of dining furniture. There is a semi outside dining room, which accommodate people to eat with seeing around of land. Next part in line with swimming pool is access to the main home. The entryway exists in there. This home completed by unique design of staircases, where the model is little bit snaking or a half of circle, and without holding hands. Almost all of furniture and rooms lead to the outside panorama, where people can see outside view from inside of home.

Environmental Home Area

The best area for house living always which still near of natural environment. Besides that, some people also prefer to choose in the middle of big city to build their home. Nowadays some people start to seek land in around country side, beach side, highland, and other place which still have more natural condition. Environmental home architecture which mentioned on example itself, located near of beach, and also still in highland area.

12 Photos of the Green Environmental Home Setting in Modern Era

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