Different Inexpensive Backsplash Ideas for Homeowners on a Budget

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Just because you are looking for some inexpensive backsplash ideas does not mean that you have to compromise on your backsplash. You would be happy to know that even when you are working on a tight budget, there are a lot of things that you can do to make your kitchen backsplash look beautiful and elegant. You can even move the things around in your house and make some beautiful backsplashes without sending any money. Sounds interesting, does it not? Read on to know exactly how you can use the awesome inexpensive backsplash ideas.

Some of the most wonderful inexpensive backsplash ideas

A backsplash is important and you cannot do without it in your kitchen. So if your finances are low, you could:

Ideas for Kitchen Backsplash Cheap
  • Use some old ceramic tiles – You can use some old ceramic tiles that you may have lying in the attic. If you recently remodeled your bathroom, then you surely will be having some tiles that have been left over. Even if they are of different designs and shapes, do not worry. You can cut them out in various sizes and make a beautiful collage out of it all. This collage can then be used as a very pretty, yet completely inexpensive backsplash.
  • Use an old mirror – If you have a mirror that is chipped in a corner and thereby has become unusable, do not throw it away. Cur out the chipped portion and shape it appropriately and use it as an awesome kitchen backsplash. Not only will the glass prove to be a very useful backsplash, it will also save you the troubles of buying a brand new kitchen backsplash. You can decorate the mirror by placing some stickers, etc on the sides.
  • Use a plastic sheet – If you do not want to spend a lot, a very good idea would be to stick a plastic sheet behind the faucet, over the sink. This can act as a temporary backsplash and protect the wall from water stains. However, try to decorate the sheet a bit. You can get some waterproof colors and draw a beautiful portrait on it. You can stick some nice stickers as well or you can even cut the edges in a zigzag fashion and make the sheet more attractive.
  • Use a stainless steel tray – If you have a large tray made out of stainless steel, you can go ahead and stick it on as a backsplash. This is one of the most useful and easy inexpensive backsplash ideas and you must surely give it a try.
  • Get a used backsplash – Finally, you have the option of getting a second hand kitchen backsplash. A lot of times people who remodel their kitchen sell off the existing backsplashes at very low rates. The backsplashes are often in good condition and you can surely use them. So visit a garage sale and see what you find. Just make sure that the backsplash is not damaged or broken when you buy a used one.

Using the inexpensive backsplash ideas

Now that you know more about the inexpensive backsplash ideas, you must go right ahead and give your kitchen a wonderful and useful backsplash. It is very difficult to have a functional kitchen without ensuring that every component is in place. So even if your finances are low, you do not have to cut out on the kitchen accessories. All you have to do is be wise and use the things that are lying around the house. Keep the above mentioned inexpensive backsplash ideas in mind and very soon your kitchen will have a very pretty backsplash.



8 Photos of the Different Inexpensive Backsplash Ideas for Homeowners on a Budget

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