Ideas for DIY Multi Pendant Lighting

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If you are remodeling your home, you must pay special attention to the multi pendant lighting scheme. And at such a time you get a wonderful opportunity to undertake a DIY project. If you like pendant lights and want something funky for your house, you can install multiple pendant lights and give your home an entirely new and fresh look. From hanging multi colored lights together to placing the lamps at different levels, there is a lot you can do. Involve your family members and your friends and make it a fun activity. Take a look at the tips mentioned below.

Tips for multi pendant lighting

  • Finding the best fixtures – Before you begin your DIY project, you have to go and buy the best and most beautiful pendant lights out there. Choose from among the colorful lights, the chandelier lights and the mini lights. Pendant lights are available in great numbers and designs these days and you won’t have any trouble whatsoever finding them. You can find multi pendant lighting in any light store. You can also find them in home improvement stores and also online. So no matter where you choose to shop from, make sure you have the lights ready and purchased before you begin the project.
  • Multicolor pendant lighting – You can start off by hanging a cluster of pendant lights in different shades. You can hang an orange mini pendant light along with some green hanging lights. If you like colors, throw in more shades and you can instantly give your room a very unique and fresh look. The pendant lights are available in a number of colors and shades and depending on what your personal preferences are, you can pick out the shades of your choice. It would be a good idea to get colorful lights for the kids’ room and more solid shades for the living room. However, if you like it otherwise, incorporate your own ideas!
  • Hanging them at different levels – The next cool tip is to hang the lights at different levels. Start by hanging the first pendant light just a little bit lower from the ceiling. The next lamp can be hung a bit longer, followed by the next one being hung even longer and so on. You can hang these multi pendant lighting fixtures in a straight line or you can hang them in a circle, but at different levels. This will give your room a unique and new look.
  • Cluster v/s uniform – If you really want to get experimental with your pendant lights, you can do this. In one part of the room, have a cluster of the multi pendant lighting fixtures. In another corner, you can hang the lights in a uniform line. This is a very interesting way to make use of the multi pendant lighting fixtures in your home.

Proper installation of the multi pendant lighting fixtures

While having fun is great during the DIY activity, you have to be careful at all times and ensure that the lights are hung and connected properly. Make sure that you have enough switches for the lights for if you connect all the lights to a single switch, it may trip. Also, make sure the grips if the lights are firm. This will prevent the lights from coming crashing down and causing serious accidents inside the house. If you are not confident about carrying out the job accurately, then hire a professional worker and get the job done. So whatever you do, make sure you give your home lighting design a wonderful new facelift. The multi pendant lighting fixtures will help you in doing just that.

Multiple Pendant Lighting

8 Photos of the Ideas for DIY Multi Pendant Lighting

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