Pretty Unique Lamp Ideas with Low Budget

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Many creative designers have created unique lamp ideas not just to illuminate, but also decorate your rooms. Lighting is an important element for your life to illuminate the dark area. Its innovation hundred years ago by Thomas Alva Edison is a functional creation for all people. It has been improved with charming designs which sometimes cost high price. To save your budget, you may create your own unique lamps by the DIY project like in these examples.

Unique Lamp Ideas from Old Stuffs

Camera table lamp is the name of our first unique lamp ideas design. The creator seems a photographer who has some old cameras and unused films are formed into a creative lamp by standing the three cameras as the leg and the films as the lampshade. Crow’s feathers maybe is not a good idea for this idea since the black color brings a creepy nuance. Some traditions moreover consider this bird brings bad luck for those who see it.

Pink And White Brushstroke Lamp Base

Unique Lamp Ideas in Simple Patterns

Wire can be a nice material for this idea like this handmade wire hoop. To make the round shape, you may use a balloon then design the wire into the pattern you like. After it finished, pop up the balloon and put it out. The white plain table lamps are the easiest object to do the DIY project. Paint them with several bright colors to make them cheerful with any motives are up to your tastes and the first appearance they have.

Looking at those ideas, they all are simple to execute. Those do not spend much money, even save your budget to buy other items to decorate the rooms. You get the new lamps to illuminate rooms as well as decorating the interior, while your old lamps are no longer boring and dull after you add some ornaments. Share your imagination and creativity to create your own creative unique lamp ideas design and have your rooms spectacular.

9 Photos of the Pretty Unique Lamp Ideas with Low Budget

Black And White Brushstroke Lamp BaseBlack And Silver Hanging Work LampWire Hanging Lamp DIYPink And White Brushstroke Lamp BasePhotography Inspired Lamp DIYLime Green DIY Chandelier With Fabric Lamp ShadeHanging Lamp With Black FeatherDIY White Yarn Chandelier Made With BalloonCamera Shaped Lamp DIY

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