Stylish Urbane Homes Modern People Will Love

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Looking for a place that can be a satisfactory for you? Or, are you type of a person who is always craving for modern style for everything you have, for instance a home? In nowadays home and interior design world, many architects and designers make urbane homes with contemporary style. These wonderful combinations are so famous in Southeast Asia and give sophisticated look and touch as well. Modern style house always have some particular items to make it more modern. These items are, for instance, swimming pool, glass and steel made interiors, and etc.

Discussing your design with your architects is the best way to start. Building urbane homes can be achieved by telling them what decors to add and what kind of design theme you want. Giving luxurious and modern look to urbane home can be done by building spiral staircase. This staircase will connect with top floor and its ergonomic handrail is elegant. Moreover, connection made by staircase will be look better if you put it beside the swimming pool.

External Facade Of Contemporary Singapore Residence By Hyla Architects

Large glass windows should be added to your urbane home. This is because the large sized windows allow many natural lights to the rooms, that you do not have to put extra light bulbs or even turn on the air conditioner and/or heater in summer and winter seasons, respectively. Glass window from ceiling to floor also give extravagant vibe and send you the visual view of outside’s scenery. Therefore, do not forget to add flower beds to your garden outside for the exterior.

Talking about the stunning spiral staircase, actually you can connect it with more than two floors. It is so amazing to see this staircase from above to the very ground floor of your urbane home. Furthermore, urbane homes décor need plush furnishings as well. Not only the spiral staircase, you also can build floating one in the other side of urbane home.

9 Photos of the Stylish Urbane Homes Modern People Will Love

Wooden Staircase In The Singapore HomeStunning Spiral Staircase In The Singapore ResidenceSleek Shelves In Pristine WhitePlenty Of Natural Green In The BathroomModern Bedroom With Glass WindowsLuxurious Indoors With A Refreshing PoolInteriors Of The Stylish Singapore HomeExternal Facade Of Contemporary Singapore Residence By Hyla ArchitectsContemporary Kitchen With Ergonomic Furnishings

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