Traditional Myrkdalen Hotel in a Package of Wonderful Overlook

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With its snowy mountains, the Norway government wants to exploit its nature resources by inviting tourists as many as possible and building the Myrkdalen hotel as one of the accommodation places. Its construction was designed by JArmund Vigsnaes as Arkitekter and finished in 2012 in Myrkdalen. It is a ski resort with 7600 square meters surface which features 112 guest rooms. The location is strategic that easy to reach the ski slope and also will be near with new public square.

The Design of Myrkdalen Hotel

Myrkdalen hotel design uses traditional concept with four levels and wood planks as the exterior. The dark brown planks are contrast with the mustard yellow walls and ceilings and the orange roof liners but create a nice mixture in contemporary style. Its large size looks tacky in white lands and village residences surrounding. In each room, there are glass windows to give an overlook of the snowy mountains and forest nearby. The entire exteriors with ergonomic materials such blend together with the nature as to give warm in the cold weather.

Rustic Mountain Residence Amazing Myrkdalen Hotel Environment

The Facilities Surrounding Myrkdalen Hotel

It is easy to reach the hotel with main road and local residences nearby. That means there are few public facilities if you want to buy something during your vacation. To give more pleasure of snow activities, there is sliding benches that will bring you sliding from the high land and ski down to the hotel area. If we are sitting on the sliding benches, we can see the entire view of the hotel, residences, forest, and the mountains. The pine forest behind the hotel gives more attractive view to enjoy.

Having family vacation with playing ski will be more amusing in this location. Norway always has much snow that will offer you ski and other snow activities during the winter. The local culture from the society is also another appeal to have a vacation here. The mountains, forest, local culture, snow activities, villagers, and the extensive ski areas all can be enjoyed if you spend the nights at the traditional Myrkdalen hotel design and have the most amusing winter holiday in Norway.

14 Photos of the Traditional Myrkdalen Hotel in a Package of Wonderful Overlook

Awesome Myrkdalen Hotel Architecture Design Sloping RoofAmazing Myrkdalen Hotel Exterior Design Front View At NightWhite Snowy Environment With Sky Lift Myrkdalen HotelRustic Mountain Residence Amazing Myrkdalen Hotel EnvironmentNice Myrkdalen Hotel Exterior Design From Side ViewModern Myrkdalen Hotel Design Architecture Front  View At NightModern Myrkdalen Hotel Architecture Design Plank Wall Glass WindowFascinating Myrkdalen Hotel Exterior Design Ideas Wooden WallFascinating Myrkdalen Hotel Design Ideas Far View At NightFantastic Myrkdalen Hotel Design Four Levels Floor Frameless Glass WindowCold Snowy Ambience Myrkdalen Hotel At MorningBeautiful Myrkdalen Hotel Exterior Design Side View At NightBeautiful Mountain Scenery From Myrkdalen Hotel At DuskAwesome Top Snowy Mountain Environment Myrkdalen Hotel With Sky Lift

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