Various Mood Colors Represent Certain Sensation Over Room

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Everybody is able to feel different sensation when they stay at a room in different colors because various colors in a room bear mood colors. Surely expert designer will define certain colors suitable with condition of your house. In addition it can be applied based on your preference. That is why you are free to define which colors applied in your room to create certain atmosphere. As we all know that colors represent different characters and they can influence human feeling during staying at rooms in various colors. I think this theory is right because when I get into my uncle’s house which is dominated with yellow color, I feel cheerful sensation represented by this house.

Identify Characters of Mood Colors

As everybody knows color is derived from light. Light is made of various colors of spectrum. This theory has been found by Isaac Newton who examines spectrum derived of light using prism. In psychology, colors can influence feelings of human. That is why characters of human can be seen by knowing their favorite colors. Once my uncle paints his house in dark color and I feel mourning sensation during staying at his house. He says that dark color seems so cool and elegant. Then he turns dark color into yellow in order to present cheerful atmosphere over house. Psychological mood colors can be learned when I try to decorate my house in various colors and then feels what sensation like.

Attractive Different Paint Colors Fascinating Human Mood Colors

Feels Sensation of Mood Colors in House Interior

I get into my uncle’s dining room which is dominated with green color. All of breadboard is painted in green and so is dining set existing there. This room looks inspiring and fresh because it is dominated with green color. Green color represents natural and comfortable sight.

Then I come into bedroom where I usually take a rest. This bedroom is decorated in red color. I assume this red color spread spirit. In addition, I like red very much. Another living space which is polished in blue feels so calm and relaxing. I think coolest and most relaxing color is blue because every time I stay at living space in blue color I feel as if I am in mountain which is full of fresh air and peaceful environment. All of psychological Mood colors meanings can be good consideration to decorate interior in order to perform coziest living space.

12 Photos of the Various Mood Colors Represent Certain Sensation Over Room

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