Easy White and Gray Kitchen Designs

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White and gray kitchen designs have always been popular and the trend continues till this date. White and gray is a lovely combination that gives a very classy and elegant look to the kitchen. If you are planning to build a new house, you can have the kitchen in a white and gray theme. If you are remodeling an existing kitchen, then too you can opt for this color scheme. You can do a lot with these two colors. Read on to know more.

Using the white and gray kitchen designs wisely

If you want to create a truly beautiful kitchen, you can go for the shades of white and gray kitchen. Keep the following tips in mind:

Gray and White Kitchen Design
  • White walls, gray cabinets – White is a popular choice for the walls of every room in the house, and the kitchen is no exception. As a result, you too can paint the walls of the kitchen white and then get some gray cabinets to compliment the walls. The white-gray combination will not only look good, it will be easy to maintain as well.
  • Gray walls, white appliances – Next, you can use a gray paint for kitchens to color the walls and then get all your appliances such as the fridge, the microwave oven, the stove, etc in white. This will look extremely classy and will surely set your kitchen apart from that of your neighbor’s. Give it a try!
  • White and gray wallpaper – If you do not want to stick to a particular color for a particular aspect of the kitchen, you can combine both the colors. An easy way to do this is by getting a wallpaper that has both white and gray. You can get a paper in a floral theme or a geometric theme. Use the combination wisely to get the maximum results out of it.

Infusing other colors in a white and gray kitchen

If you do not want the kitchen to be simply white and gray, but love the colors enough for them to be the prominent shades, you can do the following:

  • Hang colorful pictures on the wall – An easy solution to this problem is hanging colorful pictures on the wall. You can get some very bright and vibrant pictures and hang them on the kitchen wall. Get pictures of fruits and vegetables, family portraits or just a very colorful landscape picture.
  • Colorful backsplash – A great way to add a dash of color to the kitchen is by getting a colorful backsplash. Get a tile backsplash and make it as colorful as possible. You can use one or more colors and give the backsplash a very cool and vibrant look.
  • Colorful lights – Next, you can get some colorful lights for your kitchen and make it look funky, while maintain the elegant look with the help of the white and gray theme. You can get colored hanging lights or simply get some colored lampshades.

Go ahead and get a super awesome kitchen in your house by using two humble shades – white and gray. The colors are both subtle yet very classy and go a long way in making your kitchen look beautiful in every possible manner. You also now know how exactly you can add the colors into a white and gray kitchen and so you should not have any problems in decorating the gray and white kitchen in a manner that you like. Keep the above mentioned tips in mind and get set to have an absolutely dashing kitchen in your house. The white and gray kitchen will look stunning without a doubt!



9 Photos of the Easy White and Gray Kitchen Designs

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